Waste Management

4.5% reduction in University contract waste costs, a financial saving of nearly £11,000.

Waste key fact

447 tonnes of offices wastes were reused and recycled, resulting in a 30.6% reuse and recycling rate, a massive increase of 14.5% on last year!

Waste key fact 2

Our Zero Waste scheme saw 15.6 tonnes of unwanted items left in halls donated to the British Heart Foundation – equivalent to £14,200, it can purchase 80 essential resuscitation manikins.

Waste key fact 3

In total, 97.3% of wastes produced from office, teaching spaces and construction were diverted from landfill – that’s 8,510 tonnes and 446 tonnes of CO2 creation avoided.

Waste key fact 4

13% reduction in paper usage since the implementation of a new printing strategy, MMU print, equivalent paper saving of 2,927,322 sheets!

Waste key fact 5

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Key Performance Indicators: