Energy Management, Emissions and Discharges

1% reduction in carbon footprint year on year, that’s a 210 tonne saving on the previous year and cumulative reduction of 19.8% since the baseline year.

Energy management key fact

‘MMU Environment-Live’, a new and innovative energy display that links building users with performance is live at the Business School and Student Hub

Energy management key fact 2

As predicted, our total electricity consumption increased by 1,129,163 kWh, largely due to the implementation the MMU campus consolidation strategy.

Energy management key fact 3

Since 2005/6, we have achieved a saving of over 4,900 tonnes of carbon, and a cumulative saving of 16,000 tonnes!  That’s the same as returning 101 acres of forest back to nature!

Energy management key fact 4

We switched our electricity supply to one that is 100% Green Energy for our non-residential estate, which means our electricity is from 100% green sources.

Energy management key fact 5


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Key Performance Indicators: