Case Study: Manchester Metropolitan Urban Gardening Society

The Manchester Metropolitan Urban Gardening Society, (MMUGS) with an aim to transform a lifeless courtyard into a thriving student-led garden initiated the John Dalton Garden Project in 2011.

In early 2012, MMUGS received permission and funding to begin work on the garden, and construction work took place during the summer term. The paths and beds are now finished, ready for planting. In the meantime, MMUGS have been busy sowing seeds ready for transplanting outdoors in the coming months. 
On completion, the garden will have raised beds, vegetable plots, fruit bearing trees and wild flowers. The aim of the project is to create a tranquil yet functional space to engage staff, students and visitors. The raised beds will grow organic vegetables and herbs, and benches will provide a quiet space to reflect and relax.
In addition, the garden will encourage biodiversity in urban spaces. Fruit trees and berries will be a valuable source of food to birds and insects, and wild flowers will attract bees and butterflies. There are also plans underway to house sustainable honeybee and butterfly cultures in appropriate locations in the garden. 
In the long term, MMUGS will use the garden as a space for education, networking and collaboration. This will include a range of talks and workshops from guest speakers, where students can gather practical skills and knowledge. Through this we hope to promote a more sustainable lifestyle, and educate others about the importance of biodiversity in urban green spaces.

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